NGL Teams Off-Season Player Focus

by NGL Personnel

JACKSONVILLE, FL- The focus for National Gridiron League (NGL) teams this off-season is player retainment and fresh faces. All players on NGL teams 2019 rosters will be assigned to their respective team rosters for the 2020 season, but a long-term player compensation agreement needs to be reached between both the league and the players. League executives were spooked when threatened with a potential player walkout during the league's kickoff season and choose to focus on 2020 to provide more time to reach a long-term arrangement. Many 2019 players were upset with not having the opportunity to compete, and by all indications, a long-term solution will be achieved, which opens the door for some fresh faces to appear on team rosters. As always, Draft Xtreme will explore some of these potential new faces and the many places where they can be found.

The 2019 NFL Draft has come and gone. Each year over 16,000 NCAA and NAIA football players complete their collegiate playing careers. With roughly 253 players selected each season in the NFL Draft that leaves quite a bit of talent available for the NGL and CFL teams to pick. The NCAA power conferences of the SEC, Big Ten, Pac-12, Big-12, and ACC traditionally have the most players selected by NFL teams each season, and it has become routine for NFL clubs to comb through these collegiate teams rosters to find every potential pro football prospect. With the focus of NFL clubs on these programs, many of the remaining power conference's pro football prospects are limited for NGL teams, but NGL teams have no fear because the forgotten five are here. The NCAA's group of five conferences which are Conference USA, Sun Belt, Mountain West, American Athletic, and Mid-American are loaded with talent often overlooked by NFL teams. It's no coincidence every season group of five conference teams upset power conference teams on the field. It's because they have really good players and NGL clubs would be wise to visit these campuses. For example, the Sun Belt's player of the year and defensive players of the year both went undrafted this past spring.

The NCAA's Division 2 is a hotbed for pro football talent producing such players as Greg Lloyd, Darrell Green, Hugh Douglas, and John Randle. Only five Division 2 football players were selected in this year's NFL Draft. Its often stated that good football players come from good football programs well Division 2 football has several traditional powers such as Grand Valley State, Valdosta State, and Tuskegee that annually produces excellent talent. It's safe to say many league coaches and scouts need to be in attendance this fall at Division 2 contest.

Lastly, an NAIA football is an untapped lake of talent. NFL and CFL clubs vastly ignore even the most highly decorated players coming out of NAIA schools. The NGL would be wise to work with NAIA conferences and teams becoming a significant pipeline for NAIA players to play professional football. NGL fans can expect to see many NAIA All-Americans on their team's rosters next spring.

Whichever direction NGL clubs choose to go to fill out team rosters there is plenty of talent. Finding the players will take some work, but if teams are up to the gig the 2020 league season will indeed be a great watch.

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