League Adds Divisional Alignment

by NGL Personnel

JACKSONVILLE, FL- The National Gridiron League is proud to the announce the league will be shifting to a divisional format for the 2020 season.  Previously the league had its teams aligned in a two conference alignment without divisions.   The league will keep its conference alignment but will add the divisional footprint which will determine playoff participants. The league determined the divisional alignment by geographical locations and previously aligned geographic rivalry. In order to compete in the 2020 playoffs, teams will be required to win their respective division or have a two-game led over a respective conference division champion. The divisional alignment will limit playoff participation to two teams per conference making every league regular season game relevant.

"It was imperative to us to make every game as competitive as we possibly could while also building rivalries. The divisional alignment accomplishes both of those goals, and college football sets a great example for us, said Western Conference Commissioner Edward Wallace." With the league allowing second place divisional teams an opportunity to the playoffs with a two-game or better win record over a divisional leader, every team will be forced to remain competitive throughout the season.

The conferences will be divided up into North and South divisions. With Eastern Conference divisions being the Eastern Conference North Division and Eastern Conference South Division. The Western Conference will be divided into North and South divisions as well. Teams to compete in the Eastern Conference North Division will be the Pennsylvania Pioneers, Virginia Destroyers, and Virginia Iron Horses. Teams to compete in the Eastern Conference South Division will be the Atlanta Wildcats, Indiana Blue Bombers, and Indiana Firebirds. Teams to compete in the Western Conference North Division will be the Arkansas Twisters, Kansas Kapitals, and St. Louis Stampede. Teams to compete in the Western Conference South Division will be the Baton Rouge Redsticks, Mississippi Mudcats, and Texas Bighorns.

The NGL is not the only professional football league to use the divisional format. The NFL underwent a division realignment in 2002 when the Houston Texans entered the NFL as an expansion team. Before 2002, there were three divisions in the AFC and three divisions in the NFC. There was the AFC and NFC East, West, and Central consisting of five teams each, except for the AFC Central, which had six teams. In 2002, both the AFC and NFC Central divisions were eliminated, and the AFC and NFC North and South came into play.

For the 2020 season, only two teams per conference will compete in the NGL playoffs. Teams with the best record in their respective conference host conference championship games a week after the league regular season concludes. Following the league's conference championship games the league will host a neutral site championship game at a soon to be announced location. For the latest information, please continue to visit nationalgridiron.com.